Washington Food Coalition is a peer governed and directed organization that works to help ALL of our communities in the fight against hunger.

We are made up of hunger relief agencies and programs from every corner of the state, and a whole slew of dedicated and supportive organizations and individuals that believe that no one in Washington should go hungry.


Our Members know we are stronger together. 

We leverage our knowledge and experiences to empower one another in our work to keep our communities fed, and come together as a shared and collective voice to educate and tackle the issue of hunger and poverty.


We continue to evolve, innovate and share creative, healthful and smart solutions to hunger, whether that is childhood hunger, senior hunger, hunger among the homeless population, hunger among military families and veterans, hunger in rural areas or in urban/suburban food deserts. We are a coalition of hardworking people that strive to meet and address hunger, where and how we are faced with it, in every community of Washington State. We are the front lines of hunger in your town or city, working together for a greater outcome for us all.

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group shot of Hunger Leader Summit attendees 2015

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