Washington Food Coalition

We are the front lines of hunger... all across Washington State.

We are your coalition of emergency food providers, governed and directed by people in the trenches, representing all areas of the state. We are based in community to serve our communities. Gathering strength through peers, organizing to find common goals, bringing our shared values together to create a strong collective voice of the emergency food system.




Every year we bring together volunteers, staff and board members from food pantries and other hunger relief agencies all across Washington State.

We provide training of newer staff/volunteers, disseminate the latest standards, policies and trends around food safety and nutrition, and share the latest innovations and models of best practices, for agencies working on the front lines of hunger.

Thanks to our annual conference, and the willingness of our members to share what works, based in real life experience, agencies large and small are tapping into resources, partnerships and innovations that ensure that people and communities are not only fed, but have what they need to thrive. 

 How to Catch the Wave with us in September (and other vital and emerging info)

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Ending Hunger - You too can Help

Together we can strengthen the on-the-ground responses to hunger in every community across Washington.



"Food Security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life."  - 1996 World Food Summit (U.N.)

The Washington Food Coalition follows current events that may affect nutrition programs that our members utilize to serve their communities. We also pay close attention to the many related programs that serve the families we serve every day. Many of these programs work in tandem with our efforts to support people through a hard time and hopefully into a better place. 

For more information about nutrition programs, our legislative agenda, and the latest happenings and actions you can take, check out our latest updates, what we are watching, and follow us on Facebook or twitter.

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Quick Links:

2018 State Legislative Agenda

What we are Watching at the Federal Level



Introducing Our Goodwill Ambassadors!

We are so pleased to introduce our new goodwill ambassadors. Fox and Rabbit are discovering what community is all about and how to be good neighbors and friends. They have a whole growing collection of stories available to order through Amazon.

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