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The Washington Food Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. In addition to managing their own emergency food programs, WFC Board members devote their time and energy to statewide efforts to alleviate hunger. Board members are responsible for determining WFC policy in human resources, planning, finance, community relations, and organizational operations.

The WFC Board of Directors is elected from the coalition membership. The Board is representative of the state through the creation of 14 districts and the addition of six at-large seats. As of January 26, 2023, the board of directors of the WFC adopted new by-laws that now state that each district will elect one representatives. Board members are elected to a two-year term in alternating years. The Board also elects six At-Large representatives from the coalition membership and public. The board then selects its officers from the elected representatives. Board of Directors meets quarterly

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2022-23 WFC Board Members District Organization
Andra Smith, Chair   Sequim Food Bank
Ken Trainor, Past Chair   Sunrise Outreach Services
Jennifer Hardison, Treasurer   South Kitsap Helpline

 Ariel Medeiros, Secretary

  Whitman County Food Coalition
Taine Shoemaker District 1  Colville Food & Resources Center
Bob Mark District 2 Upper Valley MEND 
Peny Archer District 3  Community Services of Moses Lake
Ariel Medeiros District 4 Whitman County Food Bank Coalition
Cecilia Chavez District 5 Toppenish Community Chest 
VJ Meadows District 6 Tri-Cities Food Bank
  District 7  
  District 8  
Lindsey Habenicht District 9 Maple Valley Food Bank & Emergency Services
Ahndrea Blue District 10 Making A Difference Foundation/Eloise Cooking Pot
Michelle Douglas District 10 Emergency Food Network (EFN)
Kellie McNelly District 11 ROOF Community Services
Alan Hamilton District 12 Clark County Food Bank
Liz Cerveny District 12 North County Community Food Bank
OPEN SEAT District 13  
Andra Smith  District 14 Sequim Food Bank
Chris Benson District 14 Central Kitsap Food Bank
Kris Van Gasken At-Large  Des Moines Area Food Bank


Board Elections -  

Board elections take place every year for roughly half of the board. The timeline is as follows:

  • April 2nd week:  Nominations begin and Executive director sends out notification to each district’s general membership.
  • May 15:  Nominations are received by the Executive Director and ballots are drawn up for each district.
  • Mid May:  Ballots are sent to all district general members by the Executive Director
  • June 1:  All ballots received back by the Executive Director, who will compile the results.  

Nominees receiving the highest votes within their district shall be the primary director the nominee receiving the second highest votes shall be the alternate, upon confirmation at the next meeting of the directors.  The board shall elect the district nominees, and alternates, unless a clear and compelling reason not to is determined.

Standing Board Committees

  1. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is comprised of the four elected officers, the immediate past chair, and two additional elected members. The Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing and monitoring activities related to finance including budget preparation, financial statements and the annual audit. 
  2. Board Development & Membership Committee: The Board Development & Membership Committee is comprised of board members, alternates, and WFC members. The committee is responsible for orienting and mentoring new board members, identifying and recruiting potential board members, establishing slates of candidates for election or appointment to various positions on the WFC Board or for the state’s advisory board appointments. 
  3. Advocacy Committee: The Advocacy Committee is comprised of board members and WFC members. The committee is responsible for following state and federal anti-hunger related issues and providing a link to other local and statewide coalitions. 
  4. Fundraising, Marketing & Special Events Committee: The Fundraising, Marketing, and Special Events Committee is comprised of board members and WFC members, as well as representatives of organizations with whom we partner to provide opportunities. The Committee assists in identifying and soliciting funds from external sources of support while working with the Executive Director. 
  5. WSDA Food Assistance Advisory Committee: WSDA Food Assistance Advisory Committee is comprised of board members and WFC members, as well as Food Assistance (FA) providers including Tribal representatives and other interested community members. The Committee will also include representation from WSDA’s Food Assistance Programs. The purpose of the Food Assistance Advisory Committee is to provide broad stakeholder input and formal recommendations to the Washington Food Coalition Board and the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA) Food Assistance Programs.
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