The Food Assistance Advisory Committee

The Food Assistance  Advisory Committee, which is part of the Washington Food Coalition (WFC), plays an important role in the shaping how WSDA Food Assistance programs can provide the most value to the food assistance provider network and to those whom they serve. 

The FA Advisory Committee is compromised of a chair, vice chair, provider members, the WFC executive director, WSDA staff and other interested parties. The advisory Committee works on making recommendations for program policy and emergency food system improvements, and streamlining program processes. Subcommittees are established and comprised of provider members, subject matter experts, stakeholders, and WSDA staff. 

The agenda is developed collaboratively by the Washington Food Coalition’s Executive Director, the Chair of the Committee and WSDA’s Food Assistance staff. 

The Food Assistance Advisory Committee meets a minimum of three times a year, prior to the corresponding quarterly Washington Food Coalition Board meeting. If needed, additional meetings may be held at the request of the Chair of the Committee. All providers, including food banks, food pantries, tribal voucher providers and other partners have been encouraged to attend these meetings. 

The WFC posts notes and information from Committee meetings for anyone interested in staying informed. 

Contact us to learn more and inquire about committee membership. 

Below please find current agenda's, minutes and an archive of notes and documents from Food Advisory Advisory Committee Meetings:

The next Food Assistance Advisory Committee will meet in January 17th, 2023 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Find the agenda here. 

  All are welcome to attend! 

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Meeting ID: 858 8250 8340

2021-2023 Biennium:

4.12.22 Agenda

Minutes for April 2022

Minutes from January 26th

8.24.21 Agenda 

Minutes from the 8.24.21 FAAC meeting 

6.17.21 Agenda 

6.17.21 FAAC Minutes

Minutes WFC Food Advisory Committee 4.15.2021 4.docx

 04.15.2021 FAAC Agenda 1.docx

Draft Meeting Minutes for the February WFC Food Advisory Committee Meeting 1.docx


2020-2021 Biennium:  

Food Procurement sheet

Food Assistance Advisory Committee Meeting July 17 2020.docx

No notes from the April 24th meeting. It was part of the WSDA COVID-19 call. 

Food Assistance Advisory Committee Meeting minutes 12420.docx

Handouts from 1/24/2020 meeting: 

1.24.2020 Draft FAAC Agenda 2.docx

9.23.19 FA Advisory Committee Mtg Agenda.pdf

9.23.19 FAAC DRAFT Minutes 1.docx

2019-2020 Biennium:

7.19.19 FAAC DRAFT Minutes 2.docx

9.23.19 FA Advisory Committee Mtg Agenda.pdf

EFAP Food Procurement Priority.docx

7.30.19 FA Subcontractor Resources Task Force Minutes.docx


2019_Strategic Plan Overview_FINAL.pdf

5.20.19 FA Subcontractor Resources Task Force Minutes 1.docx

WFC Civil Rights Task Force 5.21.19 Minutes.docx

7.19.19 FAAC DRAFT Minutes.docx

WSDA Updates July 2019.docx

2017-2019 Biennium:

7.19.19 FA Advisory Committee Mtg Agenda.docx

1.30.19_FA COmmittee Meeting Minutes.pdf


TEFAP and TMP food update (3).docx

Service Count Taskforce Recommendations_4_19_19.docx

2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf9.12.2018 FA Committee Meeting - Minutes
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf 6.29.2018 FA Committee Meeting - Minutes
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf 5.07.2018 FA Committee Meeting - Minutes
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf 1.29.2018 FA Committee Meeting - Minutes
1.29.2018 FA Committee Meeting - Docs
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf 10.10.2017 FA Committee Meeting
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf Expectations and Process 2018
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf FA Goals FYE 2018
2.21.13 fap committee meeting notes.pdf 07.19.2017 FA Committee Meeting 

2015-2017 Biennium:


2013-2015 Biennium:
2011-2013 Biennium:


Executive Summaries from Work Plans

 Current list of Food Assistance Advisory Committee Members FY '22-'23

Name Organization
Michelle Douglas, Chair Emergency Food Network 
Ahndrea Blue Making A Difference Foundation
Alan Hamilton Clark County Food Bank
Anita Sailor Rural Resources
Billie Zahn EVRC Moxee Pantry
Bob Mark Upper Valley MEND
Caila Nickerson Lifelong, Chicken Soup Brigade
Amanda Sparks  Orcas Island Food Bank
Nikki Lloyd Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank
Isaac McKenzie-Sullivan Thurston County Food Bank
James Scovel WSDA
David Uhl    Feeding Washington
Jeremy Wilde Highline Community Pantry
Christina Wong  Northwest Harvest
Carmen Mendez Northwest Harvest
Ken Trainor Sunrise Outreach Center
Emily Straw  Clark County Food Bank
Kim Eads WSDA
Kris Van Gasken Des Moines Food Bank
Kyle Merslich WSDA
 Adasha Turner  Modest Family Solutions
Lindsey Robinson WSDA
Lisa White WSDA
Mallorie Shellmer WSDA 
Mariela Barriga Highline College
 H Hanson   Pacific Coast Fruit Com.
  New Hunger Coalition
Peny Archer  & Scott Kilpatrick  Community Services of Moses Lake
Rick Bowlen Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason & Thurston Counties

Stacey Crnich

Bonney Lake Food Bank
Aaron Czyzewski Food Lifeline
Eric Williams 
 2nd Harvest
Claire Lane Anti Hunger and Nutrition Coalition 
Tiffani Kaech Food Lifeline
Emily Kanally 2nd Harvest