Advocacy Updates: Here's the Latest  2/1/24

Hunger Action Day is today, the day for ALL of us to speak up for a healthy, hunger-free Washington!

 Advocates are speaking up in Olympia for Hunger Action Day at exactly the right time: critical bills must pass their budget committees by Monday evening, or those bills die.

 What's at stake right now?

  • Free school meals for every child who needs one (HB 2058).
  • Tenants' rights to housing they can afford over time - or time to make other plans (HB 2114).
  • A Working Families Tax Credit for low income working adults of any age (HB 2075).
  • Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) that is flexible enough to be there when families really need it (HB 2007).

 Each of these bills must have a hearing in Appropriations - and a vote! - by Monday evening. And your senators need to know that these bills are especially critical because their Senate versions didn't make it past yesterday's cutoff for bills to pass out of their policy committees: these bills are the only way forward for the rest of this session!

Download the full Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition’s legislative priorities here


Call, email, tag online, and share with your friends & colleagues: Struggling and hungry people across our state are counting on legislators to deliver on the promise to put people first and invest in the foundations of healthy, prosperous and hunger-free communities.

 Call the Legislative Hotline: 800-562-6000

When you call, you only need to know what legislative district you live in (double check it here) - an operator will connect you with all 3 of your legislators! Talk to an aide or leave a brief message about the issues and bills you want them to make sure pass next Monday's deadline.

Send a Personalized Email to your Lawmakers

If you know your 2 representatives and 1 senators names, it's easy: their email address is [email protected]. If you need to check, click here for full contact info for every legislator.

Use Your Social Media to AMPLIFY

Whether you're spending Hunger Action Day 2024 in Olympia, at home, or in the office, post about #HAD2024 and what's happening today in #waleg -- and don't forget to advocate for #SchoolMeals4All in Washington!

Tools to be informed about our issues, click on each issue below for fact sheets on our priorities:

AHNC 2024 Agenda:

Anti-Hunger Priorities: 

Anti-Poverty Priorities: 

 Our Ongoing Commitment: 

Sustainable Revenue for a Healthy, Hunger-free Washington

 Affordable Homes Act (HB 2276SB 6191) Increase real estate excise tax (REET) on properties sold over $3 million and reduce it on all others. New REET revenue will fund Housing Trust Fund; supportive housing, including housing for people with developmental disabilities and farm workers; Apple Health and Homes Account.