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Nonprofit assessments

An assessment will guide you to better understand what elements of nonprofit management to spend more time with.

 Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit Self-Assessment (501 Commons)

A second assessment to consider involves nonprofit life cycles. (See Nonprofit Lifecycles by Susan Kenny Stevens.) Your nonprofit is somewhere in its life cycle. Understanding where you are in your life cycle across core organizational elements can help you decide what to focus on. 

More information about Nonprofit Life Cycles

Life Cycles Self assessment


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What Makes a Good Board Member? (BoardSource)

Resources for Nonprofit Boards (BoardSource)

Service on an Idaho Nonprofit Board of Directors (Idaho Attorney General)

More resources on boards

Best (Finance) Practices for Nonprofit Boards (Nonprofit Finance Fund)

Practical Tools and Tips for Nonprofits by Nonprofits (Blue Avocado)

Board of Directors: For-Profit and Nonprofit Insights (Management Library)

Take a course

Nonprofit Board Certification Program (Nonprofit Learning Center) is free for WFC Members. Login into your WFC member account to access this on the Powerhouse Boards page.

Equity and inclusion

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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter for Nonprofits (National Center of Nonprofits)

9 Questions to Help You Develop An Equity Mindset (Nonprofit AF) 


Diversity Inclusion in Thoughts and Actions (webinar by Sam Jennings)

White Fragility (recording with Dr. Robin DiAngelo)

Do Black Lives Matter in Your Organization? Living into the Values of Your Public #BLM Statement (webinar with Equity in the Center)

Human Rights Certification Course (Wassmuth Center for Human Rights)


How do you get your whole team involved in raising the resources you need to achieve your mission? A basic understanding of fundraising can help.

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Fundraising Basics (Cochrane) 

Nonprofit Fundraising 101 (Soapbox Engage)

Fundraising Guide (Society for Nonprofits)

Crash Course: Your 7-Step Nonprofit Fundraising Plan (Network for Good)

More on fundraising

Susan Howlett is a nationally-known fundraising expert who has written helpful books on nonprofit fundraising:

  • Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals
  • Boards on Fire! 

Basics of fundraising (SOFII)

How to raise money for your organization (Nonprofit Learning Center)


Grantwriting is one fundraising practice that many nonprofits use to raise funds. 


These two grantwriting courses have been well received by many small to medium size nonprofits:

Grant opportunities

Idaho Nonprofit Center Grant Opportunities

Idaho Community Foundation


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Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Risk Alternatives  

More resources

“A call for nonprofit risk management” (Ted Bilich)

Risk bow tie (developed by Shell, but clearly explained by Julian Talbot here)

NPIP – Non Profit Insurance Program (based in Ephrata, WA)

Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (WAVOAD)

Washington Military Department: Emergency Management Division


TechSoup - a nonprofit technical support organization that offers nearly free software by some of the biggest companies and provides a monthly update with tips


Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management Guide (501 Commons)

Volunteer Management: How to Build a Volunteer Community with Virginia Lang 

Planning  -  Elements of a volunteer program  -  Leadership


Volunteer program elements – your ideas

Sample letters: Business volunteers   Young volunteers  Thanksgiving

Energize Inc offers a variety of resources and training for volunteer managers. 

Idealist, a comprehensive networking site for nonprofit organizations and volunteers. 

National Volunteer Week, typically in April, is a great time to recognize and show appreciation for volunteers. 

Volunteer Match, a leading website for connecting volunteers and nonprofit volunteer opportunities. 

Craigslist and your local United Way may be helpful to find volunteers too. 



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Technical Assistance:
WFC provides on-call technical assistance to the state’s emergency food providers on a range of topics, including everything from food safety to fundraising. Simply contact us and we’ll provide as much information as we can.
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