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Fighting hunger is challenging even in the best of times. Washington Food Coalition membership helps you meet those challenges with tools that expand your skills, keep you current with industry best practices, uphold our sector’s standards and advance our cause as the voice for a strong emergency food system. Share and learn from other members. All levels of experience are welcome, from newcomers to seasoned hunger relief partners.

Membership fees are on a sliding scale, based on agency budget size, and start for as little as $25/year.

What membership offers:

    •  Doing your part to support a statewide, coordinated effort at fighting hunger
    •  Major discounts on WFC events
    •  Eligibility to run for the WFC Board of Directors
    •  Free resources and training materials
    •  Networking and mentoring with other WFC members
    •  Advocacy and information on how local and national politics effect your program
    •  Additional discounts on Washington Nonprofits Membership, and Great American Insurance Policies through Conover (for more info click here )
More Details on Member Benefits:
  • Insight & Information: 
    Sharing information enriches our network, which is why we bring you a quarterly newsletter and monthly eNewsletters covering a range of topics including: updates on legislation affecting your clients and programs, new resources, and reminders about food safety and nutrition.
  • Training & Discounts:
    We host an annual conference and periodic events, which feature a range of presenters on topics most relevant to the work you do every day. Members are able to attend the conference and events at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Technical Assistance & Resources:
    Members can request information from library of topics ranging from fundraising to food safety to volunteer management. Materials will be sent at no charge. Just contact us and let us know what resources you are looking for!

  • Network Development:
    As a member you are able to connect with other providers and anti-hunger advocates across the state to share information, best practices, and solutions. You also receive access to the online member database.

  • Access & Input:
    Only members are eligible to run for the WFC Board positions in their district. Members are also eligible to be selected to represent the WFC on the WSDA Food Assistance Programs Advisory Committee, which is part of WFC.

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WFC Membership is easy and affordable!

Our sliding scale is based on budget size, making membership readily accessible to agencies of all sizes.

Membership Rate     Agency Budget Size (does not include the value of in-kind food donations)
$25/year   $50,000 or less
$50/year   $51,000-$500,000
$100/year   $501,000-$1 million
$250/year   greater than $1 million 


Membership fees are annual, from Jan 1st - Dec 31st each year