WFC Resources and Publications

We bring our collective knowledge together to create resources that help all of our organizations be the best they can be for our communities. Scroll down for a variety of publications, hand-outs and flyers that we have developed. 

WFC Resource Manuals can be ordered online HERE:

  • Our Best Practices Manual is by far our favorite and most popular, a collection of innovations directly sourced from our members.
  • Food Banking 101: a great place to begin when you are jumping into a food banking job. This our accompanying manual to our popular Food Banking 101 certification track offered at our 2.5 day conference.
  • Food Banking: This is a great comprehensive resource to have on hand for reference, training, and a refresher.
  • Food Safety: A Fantastic must-have reference for any hunger relief program.
  • Special Dietary Needs: A guide to better serve people with special needs and dietary restrictions.

More Useful Handouts and information from WFC:
This is info that we have gathered together and/or developed in response to needs and questions we have heard in the community and among our members. This information is available to download directly.
Food Purchasing Guide: a list of vendors that work with hunger relief programs in WA