2022 Fresh Results Award Winner 

The Fresh Results Award is presented in partnership with WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) since 2014! This is the coalition's opportunity to celebrate the amazing and innovative work going on to bring farm fresh, healthy produce to hungry people throughout Washington. The award exemplifies a commitment to farm fresh food and connecting that produce to those you serve at your programs. This year we brought in a new partner - Harvest Against Hunger. They generously donated the $1,000 prize money for the award winner. 

At our April Conference in Wenatchee, we awarded our award winner, Swank Grow and Share Farm this year's Fresh Results Award. Read a little more about the project and how it benefits the Fishline Food Bank in Poulsbo, WA. 

Swank Grow and Share Farm 

Describe who is involved in this Project

This program began approximately five years ago as a joint collaboration of Fishline volunteers, the Swank family, and Pheasant Farms. Russell and Ardis Swank donate their front yard for the project (approximately ¼ of an acre). Nikki Johnson (the owner of Pheasant Farms) provides equipment and materials (such as tractors, seeds, and fertilizer). Fishline volunteers led by Leigh Wojack and Paula Strid provide the manpower—planting, weeding, and cultivating the property. 

How is this Project Innovative? What is new & different about it? Did you involve new partners? 
In a nutshell, this is taking the front yard of someone’s home and turning it into a vehicle to help feed over 4,600 families. It is also a new form of donation to Fishline. We would have no ability to grow this food ourselves if the Swanks did not provide their property. In addition, it is a symbiotic relationship. This year, Fishline volunteers plan on also growing flowers to beautify the farm.

Describe the Impact this Project has on your program(s) and on the community.
Vulnerable community members who cannot afford fresh produce can eat cleaner and obtain essential vitamins. In addition, our unhoused friends have healthier alternatives at community meal programs.

Describe any Challenges and Lessons Learned
Because the program is offsite, communication has been a challenge in the past. Fishline has taken steps in the past several months to regularly visit to help the volunteers overcome obstacles and describe how valuable and innovative this partnership is.

 Pictured below; Volunteers and representatives from Fishline Food Bank, the Swank family, and Pheasant Farms celebrate their award!


Pictured left:

(l to r) Nicole Garden, with WSDA, announced the winner at our April Conference; Chris Benson, Central Kitsap Food Bank, accepted the award and check on behalf of the Fishline Food Bank and the award check was presented by David Bobanick with Harvest Against Hunger.