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The White House budget and what that means in our communities:

If you don’t know about the White House budget released last week, then you have likely happily been on a news fast. There are many stories circulating, many in strong opposition to severe cuts and all out elimination of many programs reflected in this budget proposal. These cuts are made in order ostensibly to provide significant tax cuts to the wealthy in hopes that this action will spur on a rapid and impressive round of economic growth that will in turn magically increase revenues.

Even though many in the media have declared this bill “dead on arrival, we should be aware that a good many of the hurtful provisions in this bill are reflective of strategies that have been toyed with and proposed previously in various House budget proposals. If Congress severely cuts and dismantles programs that help every-day people with basic needs, when crisis hits or when wages fall short, our communities will suffer and our lines will get longer.

While much of the language behind this budget is about getting Americans back to work, this same budget cuts and eliminates the job training programs that might possibly provide some help with that.

The cuts proposed here are a warning sign of elements that may appear in Congressional budget proposals ahead. Speaking out now will help Congressional Representatives better know and understand the risks and harm that some of these severe proposals would create at home in their districts. Any way you look at it, severe cuts to programs serving basic needs, will drive more people to private charity services that despite all efforts, do not have the capacity in people or finances to make up the difference. This will also affect local businesses that are frankly helped by the spending that happens thanks to federal programs such as food stamps. Restructuring of federal programs will create a much larger financial burden on already strapped state budgets, resulting in a poorer ability to respond, and all out reduction in those able to be helped, especially during economic downturns when help is needed most. Already struggling people in our communities will be left out in the cold. And in very plain terms, cuts to responsive basic needs programs will cause our many coalition members to see lines increase and need to deepen to a degree that is unlikely to be successfully met, creating ever more scarcity and tension to effectively manage resources that are simply not enough….all in order to create even greater wealth at the top, in hopes that it will somehow magically trickle down and create a booming economy with more jobs, that have a mixed ability to provide a living wage.

Actions you can take:

Call your Congress member at 202-225-3121 (Capitol switchboard) to urge them to speak out against the cuts to SNAP and other basic needs programs.

Sign on to Washington community letter opposing the President’s budget (closing date: June 12). Developed in collaboration with a broad spectrum of national and state partners representing anti-hunger, anti-poverty, human services, health care, faith, labor, environment, education and more, this letter is specifically targeted for Washington's Congress members to be delivered in mid-June just before the House releases its budget proposal.

For those of you interested in taking to social media to express your opinions, here are some sample facebook posts, links and tweets from our friends at FRAC (Food Research Action Center):

Share this video on the impact of the proposed SNAP cuts from Food Research and Action Center (FRAC):

Tweet and post to Facebook about the budget and the importance of anti-poverty and SNAP. Click on link for SNAP info graphics that can be shared.

Sample Tweets and Facebook posts:
#SNAP lifts millions of Americans out of poverty, improves nutrition & health, boosts the economy: #TrumpBudget #SaveTheSafetyNet

The proposed #TrumpBudget will create untold suffering for millions of struggling people #SaveTheSafetyNet

SNAP is one of the nation's very best investments. #TrumpBudget #SaveTheSafetyNet
$193B in cuts to #SNAP over the next 10 yrs = increased hunger, poverty, & ill health: #TrumpBudget - with SNAP infographic

Congress must reject any #TrumpBudget proposal that leaves Americans struggling against hunger. #SaveTheSafetyNet

@[MemberOfCongress]: Protect low-income Americans from hunger! Say no to #SNAPcuts in the #TrumpBudget

The president's proposed budget shreds the safety net -- hurting millions of low-income Americans. Congress must reject these cuts:

$193 Billion. The president's proposed cuts to SNAP are a direct attack on millions of Americans struggling against hunger:

Washington Congress Members on Twitter:



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